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Under Construction
Church Street
Church Street
Church Street
Construction of the Black Country Route, the bridge is
the  fly over by the school, (Stonefield) Hall Green
as it was known then, this can be seen on the right.
Church Street Bilston Church Street Bilston again Church Street Bilston yet again
Gods Acre
Golf Links
Darlaston Lane  Porkets Bridge
as it was known locally can be seen in the back ground,
"Fiery" 'Moorcroft' 1959, plot of land situated on the same side as the Fiery Holes Pub, the buildings were demolished in the 60s
God's Acre The Golf Links Prouds Lane Pike pool,
Bilston Boys Grammar School in the photo.
Golf Links
An Old Hospital
Lichfield Street
Bilston Market
The Golf Links Prouds Lane Again The Grounds Old Hospital (Peascroft Wood?) Lichfield Street The Old Market Hall

 Inside Theatre Royal

St. Mary's Church
Theatre Royal
Inside the Theatre Royal during demolition, in 1960s The Pipes Meadow Hotel
St. Mary's Church The Theatre Royal

Town Hall Clock
Town Hall
Town Hall 
Bilston Windmill in 1954. The windmill in the picture was constructed in 1791,  although there had been one on the site for centuries.  By the 1880s it had become a cement works and in 1902 the machinery and cap were removed
and the battlements added to the top. It was demolished in the early 1970s
and is now the site of an old people's home. Mill House.
The Mill was on the corner of Mount Pleasant & James Street.
The Town Hall Clock Tower The Town Hall Getting coal in the main street, Swan Bank in 1906.
There were a number of small pits very close
to the centre of Bilston well within living memory.
This one was begun when excavations for a sewer uncovered large quantities of coal"


Pictures on this page were supplied to Bilstononline by The Express & Star via David Bowdley

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